How would you like to be welcomed?

Maybe I know you, maybe we have never met… Either way, I would like to honor the journey that has brought you here. I know it’s not easy in this world, especially as a sensitive person. If you have come here, it is also likely that you have tried all kinds of things, and have come to intuit that what might be most needed is a space where you can hear your own heart beating and have that serve as the rhythm…the rhythm from which a path of greater ease may emerge, the path that is your own path .

As a practitioner, I have trained in a few modalities within the scope of somatic work, and I have found that gentle, attuned, relational work is both most enjoyable and effective… I could add, also most human. In fact, my style is to not be a professional on a perch, but on the ground with people. So please don’t be shy to ask for resources or be open with questions. When people are truly walking their paths, it is such a joy for me to provide any resources that may be of benefit. I feel it is my responsibility to be a friend first, and professional second.