Teja Forest Campbell, SEP, RCST, BCST

Teja has come to the healing arts out of a dedicated exploration of the body and spiritual practice. He practiced deeply in the Buddhist tradition, spending much time in retreat and as a monk. In addition, he has lived in and explored several wilderness places, which has been a dear teacher to him. He became fascinated with the role of the body in healing when he was a monk and observed how the body is the bridge to where both health and insight express themselves. Since then he has been a fervent somatic explorer, and most enjoys sharing this with others. He has completed the three year Somatic Experiencing practitioner training (Israel, England), to refine his skills in working with trauma and helping others build resilience in the autonomic nervous system function. In addition, he completed a three year Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy practitioner training in England.  Teja has long been a sensitive person, and thanks to this journey, is finding a way to empower sensitivity as a gift and not a hindrance.

He enjoys combining a fine tuned awareness of the body with a deep trust of the body’s inherent capacity to heal in sessions.


-Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training (CTET, London)

-Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training (Israel, England)

-SE Trauma Institute Member and BCTA/NA member

-Buddhist Monastic Training

-Intensive Meditation Retreat in monasteries, wilderness solitude, and retreat centers. (Well over 3 years of accumulated intensive practice)

-Approximately 3 years of living off the grid/close to the land (Nepal, California forested canyon, Sri Lanka)

-Year long course in anatomy/physiology for bodyworkers

-Currently in post-graduate training (Alchemical Alignment program, and training in the OI system (IMO a refinement of the SE system)


” My session with Teja was a wonderful experience. Throughout the session I felt safe and at ease and very guided. I was able to tune in to my body, and the experiences and emotions living within parts of my physical being, that were previously hidden. I left the session feeling awake, aware and connected to my physical presence. As the weeks went on these sensations simply increased and became a part of my day to day acknowledgement of self. Teja supported the touching of something held within my body’s physical memory that needed healing and since that day forward I feel as though the traumas we explored have slowly been softened, healed and released a little each day. For this I am very grateful. The atmosphere and energy Teja generates in his sessions are truly beautiful and the session was driven at a pace that was comfortable for me.  I would definitely have more sessions with him. ” Monica, London

” I found the session with you hugely beneficial. As I said, in decades of treatments by great practitioners I have never felt the relief I felt in my head during and following the treatment. You were respectful, super tuned in and the treatment was gorgeous and effective. It went to the root of the issue and there is more there to explore. I have felt relief for longer than usual following the treatment. It initiated a healing response with strong dreams afterwards too.” Sara, Devon